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February 22, 2013


Judy Stella

You are truly blessed Marc... I know the pain and anguish you and you family are going through. I lost both my parents and there is not a day that goes by that they don't let me know they are still with me. It is a precious thing to be loved and cared for by such wonderful people. Cherish your memories. Hold on to your family. They will get you through this difficult time. I only got to know you for a brief time but like your dad you too have touched my heart.... My prayers are with you and your family...

Elizabeth Covino

No, I don't know you, but have caught your tweets from time to time. How parallel our lives have been. My mom is at the end of this painful Alzheimer's nightmare. How it had robbed our family. My twin nieces have not known the Nana we all adored. Your tribute to your dad hit home. How beautiful. Wishing you peace. I hope the memories carry you and your family.

Jan brockway

Marc, a wonderful tribute to your dad. I can say with experience that these feelings will continue. We lost my mom to breast cancer almost 27 years ago and I see her spirit in my children who she never got to know, she left a mark on me that takes me through good days and bad. I was 23 when she passed and can say as I push toward 50, she still has a hand in the woman and mother I became,

Hug your kids, wife and family a little tighter and always remember the wonderful love of family.

Take care!

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