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February 25, 2011


Kristen Robie

I just started following you on twitter (via obie_one) so I had no idea that you were going through a medical crisis with your son. We have gone through quite a few with my family. First my son was dx'd with Autism (he is doing incredible now), then my daughter with Type 1 Diabetes and lastly my 1 year old with benign myoclonic epilepsy and failure to thrive.(3 year span) Twitter and Facebook have been one of our rocks getting through this last battle with our family. They were not around with the first two. Our idea of community has definately changed since joining twitter and facebook. The Diabetes community is incredible on Twitter. I hope your sons cough gets better soon!

Mike Ketchum

Thanks for the honesty in this post. I will say that your experience at church is not a product of the church rather a flaw in people. We had a time where a person at a church did us wrong and one of my now best friends told me "people will let you down". I kind of live by that now not expecting anything less than failure from people. When they do more than failure, it's like a bonus.


Beth Nixon

Awesome post sir!

I've often felt that way about twitter in the past. I take little on again off again attempts at staying regular on twitter, and sadly, a lot of my good friends have left. But it is often much more a community of honest caring people that really help in times like this.

My mother-in-law had a stroke a couple years ago. In all our pain and confusion coping with things in the beginning, we were inundated with people who genuinely cared and offered their support.

Best wishes for you and your family, and I hope that cough gets better!


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