One-Line Bio

Writer. Dad. Geek. Native New Englandah.


I've been kicking around the Massachusetts technology sector for virtually my entire career and what a long, strange trip it has been. From small dot-bombs to megaconglomerates eerily reminiscent of Dilbert strips, I've seen it all. So I've decided to create my own online platform for rants and raves, stream of consciousness collections and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I would love to pin this blog down to a single topic but I'm a verbose creature and would find such a notion too limiting. Instead, I offer a laundry list of topics you might find on this site at any given moment:

- Tech Toys: If it is new, shiny and has an "on" button, chances are I want it. I'm also a geek at heart so more often than not I can find a reason to purchase said object of desire.

- Politics: Yes... I tend to get sucked into discussions on this topic as well. Things tick me off... I need to vent... might as well use this blog as a platform. ($4.95/month in hosting fees is much less expensive than therapy.)

- Tales from the Workforce: There are a few things I've learned from working in various cubicle farms... 1) despite an avowed dedication to "long term planning," public companies tend to live for the quarter; 2) Acquisitions rarely work out as promised; 3) Most conference calls are longer than necessary; 4) You can always count on at least one good "huh?" moment per day. (Note: Most blog postings categorized as a "rant/rave" will be work related.)

- Family: I love my family. I'm crazy about my kids. I'm married to one of the most supportive and tolerant women on the face of the planet. In short, I'm blessed. You'll likely hear about them from time-to-time when reading this blog.

So I hope you enjoy visiting my little home on the web. Y'all come back real soon now, ya' hear?


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